Posted by: thebradfordfamily | August 13, 2009

What are we hoping for

Joe and I have been discussing what it is we are hoping for to come out of this adventure.  I really hope to fall in love with my husband again, get to know my children and establish a core family bond that hopefully Zach and Isla will know or remember as they grow up.  It is embarrassing that I do not understand Spanish and that I am to insecure to try to speak it.  I am way too dependent on TV, way too up with current events.  I have a very hard time reaching out to people and making friends.  All of these things I hope to change. I hope I can run….or swim.  I hope that I return a healthier, happier person with empty and open mind.



  1. You will do GREAT. It’s in your blood….. just remember that the transition period is a bit tough but once you get into the vibe and schedule or your new place the way you USED to live will seem insane. I love you so much sis and am really proud of you guys!

  2. I just hope you look back and see this, remember it and still strive for your goals!

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