Posted by: thebradfordfamily | September 3, 2009


Zi6_0148Arrival, safe and sound:

Well, we made it!  The suitcases and junk we brought seemed to be easier than i thought was possible to get here wth 6 check on bags and 5 carry-ons including a guitar, but we kinda “went with the flow” which is a big part of moving here for a while.  At least for me.  (joe)  the first night i had my first experience at the Cosmic Crab when i went out at 5 oclock looking for food (and a drink) from our long 2 day quest to what many call Paradise here in Bocas–you definitely  need to plan your trips here.  Even dinner takes an hour and a half to prepare and take back home.

We did get our share of bug bites today as well.  No Bot Flies though Chuck!  Not yet !

I took Zach and Isla to our front yard where there is a sandy beach to swim in the ocean.  The beach is not that great for swimming, so we will be going tomorrow to find some crystal clear beaches where Zach can try his snorkeling skills and floating with his life vest that he is still getting used to.

Hallie made a chicken and rice dinner after trekking to the supermarket.  It was muggy today, so even going to the supermarket was a bit of a sweat.  Of course Isla wanted to be carried after only a few steps.  I’m hoping she will grow out of it. I hope i get used to the climate quickly as a bead of sweat leaves me dehydrated towards the end of the day.

I do miss Lingba Wednesday and my good friends!  Cheers and talk soon.


p.s.  i found out that netflix doesn’t work in other countries -Big Bummer! but i’m looking for other services that allow movie steaming to computer…



  1. NetFlix!? Ha! We buy pirated movies, they are everywhere for 30 pesos or less….

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