Posted by: thebradfordfamily | September 5, 2009

Joe’s Thoughts

So the second night here i decided to panic.  “What in the world was i thinking bringing my family to a 2nd world country” i thought as i stewed through the first rainstorm.  I was fully ready to ship my family home and be done.  Its so different when you go somewhere knowing you are going to only stay 7 days vs. a whole year.  The biggest issues i’ve had are really the insects.  I see lots of bites on Zach and Isla and i keep asking myself why i’m putting them through all this.  Its going will be a challenge adapting to island life and even getting a schedule in order that we can adhere to.  I’m happy the kids will be attending school next week. That will at least give them some structure in their lives.

So the day after my thoughts of abandoning ship i decide that i’m going to go into town after dinner and get to know some of the local Expats.  It was very interesting because i saw the bar earlier in the day and thought that El Toro looked like a good bar to come back to sometime–and i did that night.

I walked right up to the bar and sat in the middle seat on a bar of maybe 10.  They had plasma screens and footbasl showing on 2 of them.  Upon chatting with the local scientists from the Smithsonian Institute i realized that the Duck game was in about an hour.  The funny part is that i sat right in front of the screen that the game played on and did not realize that they were even playing that night.  It was mere chance another guy asked for the game and they switched it.  Soon after meeting more of the locals, another rainstorm hit and i thought i was definitely not getting back to my little island across the way.  I doubted boats would run in a downpour, so i stayed and waited out the rainstorm and watched the ducks get their asses handed to them again by Boise State.  All in all it was a good night of meeting locals, but it would have been even better if the Ducks had won.  But how ironic picking the one bar in town that could broadcast the game, being in the right seat in front of the right TV, and having the right person tell me about the game and it coming on before my eyes.

Zach had lots of fun today snorkeling.  He’s really getting the hang of floating and bobbing his head into the water.  Both the kids love the boat rides with big smiles on their faces.



  1. Hey guys I hope with each day that passes you start to get into a routine that will help you enjoy yourselves. Just remember that you are making memories right now that you will have for a lifetime. (some good, some bad maybe!!) Keep in touch and let me know if you want me to send some bug spray or citronella candles down 🙂 Tell Isla that Tucker misses her and tell Zach that Tucker misses fighting with him!!!

    P.S. I think the link to Hallie’s website is wrong. You got an extra “R” in there

    Take care,


  2. Ha! I love Isla at the end!!

  3. I am reading from the beginning and it is great to see you are doing what you had set out to do….and wonderful luck! Amazing how the world comes to you when you let it.

    • It certainly does! Thats why yoga is so interesting to me….the universe responds to you.

  4. No Whining Isla BanIsla!

  5. hi kids. your mom really enjoyed this. she sends her love. she really liked all the pictures, and vidio. love mom

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