Posted by: thebradfordfamily | September 6, 2009

Sept. 5

The day started with a nice breakfast then i headed off to my new Yoga class. Of course the class theme was “How to deal with outside forces” when you can’t control them.  An example is being in a new situation and how you can gracefully react to situations that arise.  This being said, it was the start of a day that i would try to move gracefully through my day not allowing things to bother me, while trying to keep the yoga aura over myself.

After Yoga, i took a walk and grabbed some groceries and went back to our little island on the short 2 minute boat ride.  The next day was to be the fish off, so Zach and i would try to make a finishing pole and stick our poles in the water and see what we could come up with.  Catch some luck i guess i could say.  So the family went to town, Zach and Myself went one way with our walkie talkies and Hallie and Isla the other.  We stopped at the local hardware store and proceeded to buy our materials.  We got everything we needed hook, line, sinker,  and reel with a gatorade bottle as the wind up reel.( we had seen our neighbor boy doing the same the day before and thought it should work).  Meanwhile Hallie and Isla weren’t doing so well shopping.  Hallie couldn’t think with Isla constantly wanted to be carried everywhere.  So Hallie left isla with me.  I realized that i only had 3 dollars in my pocket, so i got on the walkie and let Hallie know that we’ed be waiting for her at the park bench so we could ride home in the same boat with her.  While we were there guy saw our hooks and twine and proceeded to help make the fishing poles.  He got two of the hooks and the bobber.  the he said wait here when he continued down the street, me holding the hooks, and him holding the twince.  He continued to unwind the entire 100 yards of twine.  Cars were driving by, people were looking, and even the twine got caught under a car which he proceeded to wait while the taxi unloaded people.  It was quite a cluster F**k.  I didn’t know what to do, get mad, or just leave.  I was hoping to show the kids that the local people can be nice and talk to them/learn something from them.  So i’ve got two kids following me around in the streets of Bocas- trying not to get them hit by a car passing by, while the guy continues to unwind and rewind the real on a gatorade bottle.  I was furious.  I tried to cut the line and save the hooks and bob, and proceeded to leave the area.  By then both kids were hot and wanted to be carried.  Oh, i forgot that i purchased a movie from a street vendor before we meet the fisherman, using my last bit of money except 25 cents.

Meanwhile, we were waiting for Hallie for our ride home, and we finally got her on the walki talki and she had already taken a boat home.

Back to the yoga though,  it seemed like someone was preparing me for that day and how i dealt with it.  I kept realizing how much patience i need to re-learn.  The other thing i am a little disappointed in was that i was just trying to be friendly and let some one show me or help me with something on the street.  How naive i am.  Everyone wants something.  No one is wiling to just give or help anyone.  I’ll be more careful next time.  Remember, it was the fisherman that just started helping me (of course he wanted money) but i don’t like being manipulated into a situation.  Its sad that next time i won’t even talk to anyone.



  1. No,no, no! There are good people out there!! Don’t shut down, open up more – they will find you. When you run into someone that disappoints you just shrug it off!

  2. Joe, relax, breathe! There are a lot of folks that are willing to give and help you….

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