Posted by: thebradfordfamily | September 8, 2009

Dorado Fish For Dinner

Joe and I have fallen sick from eating Dorado fish for dinner.  Following is a list of the symptoms we have:

Extremely red face

Pepper taste in mouth


Tingling of hands and feet

Confusing hot with cold (we are freezing)


Heavy breathing.

Below is a list of symptoms we are still waiting to have:

Feeling like your teeth are loose and about to fall out.

Temporary paralyzed

Short-term memory loss



  1. They say memory is the second thing to go…I forget what the first thing is.

    xxx’s to the 4 of you

  2. Come to Panama. The water is warm, the snorkling–great, the food poisoning–not so good.

    Are you both surviving? Sorry to hear about the culinary welcome you’ve experienced.

    Get better soon.

  3. Aw man….. you wouldn’t have become sick if they called it by the Hawaiian name. Mahi-mahi. On meds or what?

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