Posted by: thebradfordfamily | September 14, 2009

Our Weekend – From Bust to Brilliant

We were so looking forward to the weekend so that we could finally go out to what we were told would be the perfect beach.  Friday night we  had incredible take-out pizza and then a huge thunderstorm hit (HUGE).  It rained all night and continued to rain all day on Saturday.  I did everything I could think of to keep the kids busy in the house, we did crafts, we baked cookies, they pulled all of the coolers out of the pantry and all the cups and plates from the cupboards and made a mega-fort under the dining room table.  All of this activity got us to lunch time and then I had to think of a whole afternoon of things to do.  We decided to go out in the rain onto the dock and fish then Joe jumped in and took the kids out in the “dingy” and did cookies between the docks.  Finally we made it 4:45 and the sky cleared.  As I was making spaghetti we decided to throw it in the fridge and try and make it to a Thai restaurant we had heard about on Bastimentos.  When we got to Bastimentos we found out the Thai restaurant was in the hills and we went on the most beautiful 15 minute walk through town and the jungle to this amazing little place where a lovely woman greeted us (it turns out she is from Portland) and made us the most incredible Thai meal!  We saw our first sloth along the path to the restaurant and spent the rest of dinner looking for more.  We marched down the trail after dinner in the dark, part way hearing the sounds of the jungle (it scared the pee out of Isla) and the rest of the way hearing the sounds of the town.  We hitched a ride with a boat making deliveries and got an extra tour on the water through the dark. It was a little creepy motoring through the water in the dark but there were beautiful sparks coming off of our boat and we could see the City lights in the distance.

Sunday we woke up to a gorgeous day.  We headed out to Red Frog Beach.  The boat drops off at one end of the island and then you take another lovely trail through the jungle to the beach.  The beach was beautiful!  We were able to spend all day there with a couple other families from school.  Zach would not get out of the water! We finished the weekend with the spaghetti we were supposed to eat the night before, showers and very tired kids.



  1. Sounds like you are getting the hang of things…… let us know when you are ready to have visitors!


    Gabe and Michelle

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