Posted by: thebradfordfamily | September 21, 2009

Isla’s Search for Shells

Zi6_0217Isla seems to have an incredible ability to find shells.  While Zach is all about the water – snorkeling and splashing, Isla is very happy beach combing and finding “treasure.”  So far some of the treasure includes a beautiful piece of tumbled glass and this gem.  This was the first thing she pulled out of the ocean today and she ran back to daddy with it so fast you would have thought she had found bullion.



  1. What an amazing place you have chosen to live for this year – and what an incredible experience for your children! Whoever is taking the pictures….gorgeous work! I am so tickled, too, to see Isla and Zach…Isla had barely any hair last time I saw her and now she’s a little beauty with sandy locks flying in the wind. How time does fly! Joe – I know how the bug bites can detract from the whole experience (I had that when I first moved here), but I’m sure you will learn some tricks to manage that and be back to enjoying all the rest in no time. I’m so thrilled that you have the opportunity to have these moments while you are young – well done!

  2. ” Hi” to my kids! I have enjoyed the pictures. I am up at Sharon’s house. I love you all.

    Mom and Grandma

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