Posted by: thebradfordfamily | October 4, 2009

The boys

Zach and Dad becoming good buds.  Today we fixed the boat together.  He gets out there side by side pretending he’s tightening this nut, and moving another.  He really wants to learn how things go together.  The two paper rolls in the picture are his new Vinoculars as he call them.  Being here has really opened his imagination. By not having typical toysZi6_0190 he is forced to find random items and put them together to make interesting things.  He made his own airplane, we found a wooden boat floating in the water that he has since turned into a pirate ship by adding a mast and various additions, and even today when he’s helping me i could see he is in his own world within his head thinking and imagining things.  Sometimes to the point where he can’t hear me when i ask him for a tool.  I know he’s daydreaming, so i leave him.  Maybe we all need a little more of that?  Good for the soul.



  1. I am looking a creature count on the site and some comments which brings up my questions. Joes is working? There are interns? Just what are you doing there? Can we see a picture of your house? Your yard? Your porch, your dock?
    Looks like Zach is really going to be a swimmer!
    Besos from Mexico.

  2. I had the same thought about Joe working, but it is definitely in his nature, he likes to achieve and that means finding a way to that, most of us turn to work naturally. I love seeing Zach have the opportunity to be a true kid, explore, be creative, invent, think for himself, there are no pressures, no expectations, just being himself…so wonderful!!!

  3. Jack, we miss you….come back home please!!

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