Posted by: thebradfordfamily | November 8, 2009

A Holiday Week

This week was Panama’s Independence Day as well as Flag Day so the kids had no school.  We started the week out by taking a boat to Almirante (mainland) then a bus to Changuinola, finally picking up a rental car and driving to Boquete.  The road to Boquete got the best of us.  About 10 minutes into the trip Isla hurled half a sub sandwich, Halloween cookies and apple juice in my lap.  We had to sit in a puke filled car for another 3.5 hours.  The road was incredible, two lane through the mountains with huge areas where landslides had washed through.  Well worth it though, Boquete is a beautiful place.  A French Alps feeling town in the mountains in “coffee country”  a very wealthy state in Panama.   The first day we went to the Paradise Gardens where there is a refuge for birds and monkeys.  The kids got to pet and feed Squirrel Monkeys and Parrots.  They loved it.  The next day we went on a hike to the Caldera Hot Springs before we got back in the car and drove home.  No hurlers on that trip.  The rest of the week we spent going to play dates at our Red Frog friends houses and then on Friday all three Red Frog families went to Star Fish Beach.  Star Fish Beach has a huge stretch of very shallow water where there is an unusual gathering of starfish.  We were the only people there and at one point I think the kids had 91 starfish grouped together.  Parental supervision was very easy to do floating in two feet of water.


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