Posted by: thebradfordfamily | November 17, 2009

Another Exciting Week in Bocas

Yesterday was Bocas Del Toro Day. I kid-you-not more than 75 marching bands from all over the province of Bocas and even from Costa Rica arrived yesterday to parade through the streets of town. The parade started at 9:00a.m. and went continuously until 6:00p.m. Because the kids had school, but nothing else was really open I managed to see almost the entire thing (once I got an hour into it I could have stopped there, but what else are you going to do). Although each band wore different uniforms they were all pretty much the same – girls with batons and sassy little marches followed by boys with all kinds of drums and lots of machismo. Not a wind instrument to be seen. It is raining here today which seems appropriate to wash the pounding and the garbage away.

Picture does not fit this post but I like it because over the weekend a local kid revealed to us that 5 out of the 6 jellyfish we see are moon fish, the kind that don’t sting. Isla really got a kick out of feeling these rubbery, slimy guys – Zach would have nothing to do with it.



  1. Wow, my husband, Mark (Gould) told me about your site. I am amazed! We don’t really know what to do now with both of us unemployed and waiting out the storm here in the US with no building for him, his passion. We are curious about your adventures in panama. Can you tell us what we could get a home for there? Do you rent or? Are there small businesses we could start or perhaps mark could do kayak guide tours, something simple to get us through the abyss of “no construction here in US”. We have small nest of money to invest and probably get us by. What are your expenses like per month? Your family tales are so cute and pictures delightful. Kids are adorable! I would love to “rent them” as mine are all grown up. What a great thing to do with little ones treating them to culture, nature, and real life.
    Love to hear what more you have to say. We both have medical conditions so how has that served you abroad? Where might we find info like job opportunities for Mark, or for me in sales, small boutique, opening up my home for resteraunt or whatever…thanks for your sharing blog. this is great!!!
    Becky Gould 209-992-1113

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