Life at Red Frog » Zi6_0740

Our House in the middle of Jungle – 52 houses only 5 occupied currently. It gets a little lonely at night.



  1. Not for long! See you in 2 weeks!

  2. Hi there Bro:

    Mom and I just watched the bat movie and laughed our butt’s off. Listening to Zach laugh at his mom’s screams made me almost wet my pants (like Isla). We looked at all the pictures and enjoyed them but it looks like you need to add some more. The last ones we saw were from January. I am going to help mom find a computer and teach her how to use it. She did very well today using my laptop and scrolling through your pictures. Mom says she should have taken her Sunday lessons on the computer with you many years ago!. We love you and miss you all. Looks like you are all well and having fun, although I do not envy the fish poisoning incident!

    Love Mom and Jill

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