Posted by: thebradfordfamily | February 2, 2010

Isla is in Love

Isla’s boyfriend is Elliot. He is four and she thinks he is amazing. When they are on the boat to school together she turns around and puts out her hand and says “touch me.” When he comes over to our house she says “Elliot can share my toothbrush.” She holds his hand, she always sits close to him and/or stands close to him. He is so polite to her but he really wishes she would leave him alone. Every once in a while Isla gets so aggressive with her feelings that Elliot hauls off and hits her. She cries for a while, but then she gets over it. How do we teach her that she is not supposed to chase but be chased?



  1. Look at the bliss on her little face!

  2. Missing you and thinking of little Isla and wishing her a very happy birthday from the Purvis-Smiths. Xoxo, Ashley

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